Protective Barrier Coatings

Water Repellent Nano Coatings and Oleophobic Coatings for Improved Barrier Protection

The team at NANOKOTE specialize in adding value to concrete, glass, metal and other surfaces. Specifically, we can enhance the physical properties of just about any surface type so that they are more durable and multi-functional.

Direct to Concrete—PrimoGuard

In addition to the benefits of permanent easy to clean hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings for metals, glass and sanitary-ware, we offer manufacture the PRIMOGUARD coating range: industrial protection coatings that are designed specifically for protecting concrete.  We have many case studies across many countries where PRIMOGUARD has been used on cooling towers, tunnels, construction infrastructure bridges and large concrete surface areas that are susceptible to stress and environmental exposure. More than 700,000 square meter of concrete infrastructure has been coated with PRIMOGUARD


Direct to Concrete—PrimoGuard (Texture)

Use our anti-carbonation and anti-graffiti surface protection to preserve industrial concrete structures.

Textured coatings are used to hide imperfections in the topography of concrete.  The human eye picks up on dents and defects due to the different angle of light reflection on the surface.  A dent distorts the plain of the wall, causing the light to bounce off in a way that the eye instantly identifies as an inconsistency.  Textured paints greatly reduce the visibility of imperfections since it is harder for the eye to identify the peaks and valleys on the wall.

PRIMOGUARD Texture Series are single coat textured decorative coatings for indoor or outdoor applications. Available in a range of profiles and any color the coating exhibits high abrasion resistance, high chemical resistance, permanent anti-graffiti and self-cleaning functionalities. The coating provides excellent long-term protection against concrete cancer and corrosion, permanent anti-graffiti function whereby environmentally friendly citrus cleaners can be used to effortlessly remove repeated graffiti attacks.  This product is ideal for new installations as well as old surfaces in need of treatment.

Improve stainless steel and light metals such as aluminum with NANOKOTE clear coatings for better durability and functionality. Key value added properties include anti fingerprint, easy clean, self-cleaning, anti corrosion, Permanent protection against tea staining.  Aluminum cladding, elevators, outdoor stainless steel near seaside locations are all key fields of application.  Our coatings are applied to approximately 1/8th mil (3 micron) and hardly change the appearance of the metal but still provides for excellent value adding.


Direct to Metal Protection (Specialty)

Protect critical aluminum and magnesium components from corrosion, scratches and wear with our specialty range of metal protective coatings. Create surfaces that need no maintenance for their entire design lives.  Our coatings are applied to aluminum coils on heat exchanges and to magnesium turbo chargers among many other applications.

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