Thin Film Coatings

Hydrophobic Coatings for Glass with NANOKOTE

Glass is extremely versatile and can be modified by being molded, tinted, toughened, frosted along with multitude other other processing. End uses include shower doors, floors, rooftops, walls, mirrors, doors, kitchen splash backs, automotive glass, glass railings, architectural glass and more. NANOKOTE’s low maintenance, easy clean hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings for glass are equally diverse in their practical applications—especially when surfaces are exposed to lime scale and sea spray.

Enhance durability and reduce cleaning time by up to 90% of shower screens, pool fencing, glass railings, architectural and frame-less panels as well as high-rise windows and building facades with appropriate water repellent nano coatings and oleophobic coating sprays from NANOKOTE.

Anti-Fingerprint Resistant Coating

Our glass surface coating and protection products create easy-to-clean and anti-fingerprint resistant properties that enable manufacturers and processors to add value and up-sell their products. These bonus properties create an opportunity to command premium prices and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


A key difference between NANOKOTE and our competitors is that we produce five different coatings for glass.  Some are solvent based and some are water based.  Some of our coatings fully cure in one minute.  Our coatings do not make glass slippery, which is an important safety feature to ensure fittings do not slip over time.  We supply coating materials that can be manually applied and others specifically designed for use through a spray gun and our automated spray coating line. This equipment is available through NANOKOTE and can coat 160 sq yards of glass per hour (single sided).  It is also possible to simultaneously coat both sides of glass in one run through the automated glass line meaning that 320 sq yards can be coated per hour.  Coated glass can be handled immediately upon exiting the coating line.

Sanitary Ware

When new, all washbasins and WCs look brilliant. The difficulty is keeping them looking this way. NANOKOTE silica based coatings are baked on in the production process to give a new permanent easy clean functionality. Buildup, limescale and bacteria are a problem of the past and for the most part, simply rinsed away by the running water. There is very little effort required to keep these enhanced surfaces clean. The highest standards of hygiene are maintained as a result.


Order Easy to Clean Oleophobic Coating Sprays from NANOKOTE Today

We can add value to your industrial and commercial structures with our selection of hydrophobic and oleophobic sprays for glass. To learn more about our easy to clean water repellent nano coatings and our other protective surface products, call NANOKOTE.