Functional Coatings

Functional Coatings for Wood, Concrete, Stone and Other Surfaces

Functional coatings are essential for protecting construction materials from the elements. Wood is commonly used for its versatility however it can be damaged by sunlight, excess moisture and other factors. Fortunately, the team at NANOKOTE have developed applications with hydrophobic properties and other special formulations to mitigate the destructive effects of water damage and long-term environmental exposure.

Modern builders use concrete for highway barriers, building facades, foundation works and larger, more industrial projects such as cooling towers and underground tunnels. Even though concrete is a solid and reliable material, it is also prone to wear and external damage. NANOKOTE offer concrete cancer prevention in the form of functional coatings and sprays that protect the exterior shell from corrosion and carbonation. Additional benefits include hydrophobicity to significantly reduce water ingress.

Mineral compounds are often used in construction works to add texture and to strengthen cement mixtures. Building facades with sandstone, granite and stone tend to require additional maintenance due to the exposed porous mineral surfaces. If these commercial and industrial installations are not maintained properly it could lead to corrosion and reinforcement issues that could affect structural integrity. Our coatings are also ideal for preventing algae and moss growth.

NANOKOTE offer functional coatings that are ideal for porous mineral compounds. Available in water or solvent bases, these functional coatings use molecular bonding with a mineral substrate to form a hydrophobic surface while still allowing the surface to breathe.

Functional Coatings

Functional Surface Coating

The surface texture will not be altered or make surfaces slippery which makes for an easy to maintain, self-cleaning process. Our functional coatings seal the surface and protect it from the environment. As it is resistant to abrasion, the formed hydrophobic surface will ensure long lasting protection and durability.

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Maintaining porous building facades is as easy as applying functional coatings for passive protection. To learn more about our products and services, call NANOKOTE today.