Products and Applications

Innovative Coating Technology

Are you looking for innovative ways to modify, enhance, protect to improve the durability or functionality of your products or industrial structures? While it is obvious that the physical properties of concrete, glass, metal and ceramics are different when compared to each other, so too must the solution be for improving each respective surface. Therefore, you need to invest in innovative coating technology.

Our team of nanotechnology experts have formulated, tested and developed a series of multi-functional coating systems to accommodate the niche requirements of specific surface types. See our range of protection coatings that are optimized for concrete, glass, metal and ceramic sanitary ware.


PrimoGuard and Other Protective Barrier Coatings

We offer PrimoGuard for industrial concrete and steel protection. Learn more about how you can enhance the surfaces of cooling towers, bridges, tunnels, hospitals, car-parks and other construction works.

Thin Films with Easy Clean and Anti-Fingerprint Capabilities

Treat shower door glass, building windows, glass railings and more either on site or utilizing our automated spray machine with the NANOKOTE range of permanent thin films that can prevent stains and create a low maintenance beautiful asset. Other benefits include improved durability, easy-to-clean and anti-corrosion.


Functional Coatings for Stone, Wood and Porous Surfaces

Enhance masonry facades and more porous materials against wear and erosion with NANOKOTE products. Safeguard your industrial assets from the weather and external damage today.

Easy Clean Coatings for Ceramic and Sanitary Wares

Value added thin film coatings for sanitary ware manufacturers that enable them to sell low maintenance, cleaner bathroom facilities. The thermally cured NANOKOTE application is suitable for ceramic tiles, bathtubs and all sorts of sanitary ware.


Direct to Metal (DTM) Easy Clean, Anti-Corrosion Protective Coatings

Value add aluminium, magnesium, titanium or stainless steel with NANOKOTE DTM coating technology to create metal finishes to offer a variety of benefits ranging from surfaces that enable graffiti to be wiped away, surfaces that need no maintenance, surfaces that enable easy deicing, surfaces to are highly resistance to corrosion.

Optimized Surface Protection with Innovative Coating Technology

We can help you find the best coating system for your commercial and industrial assets. To learn more about our products and services, call the team at NANOKOTE today.