About us

Optimized Industrial Surfaces with Nanotechnology

NANOKOTE is an innovative nano-material based surface technology developer and manufacturer founded in 2005. The focus of the business is to transform the physical properties of concrete, metal, glass and sanitary ware surfaces by applying specialized coatings that are designed for very specific purposes.

Through ongoing product innovation, R&D and testing, NANOKOTE pursues ways to optimize protection of industrial surfaces from wear and weathering plus enhance serviceability; solutions that realize preservation of assets for longer to maximize service life and ROI.

Key features found in NANOKOTE coatings include anti-corrosion, anti-carbonation, improved durability and aesthetic values such as anti-fingerprint and scratch resistance.

Whether you need protective concrete coating to refurbish and extend the service life of a 25-year old 350 feet high hyperbolic cooling tower, a specialized spray system in a production line process for protecting aluminum or simply coating shower glass, you can look to NANOKOTE for a solution.

Superior Surface Protection with NANOKOTE

We strive to constantly improve our products in line with nanotechnology advancements. By working at such a nanoscale, we design molecular architectures and intelligent structures that are capable of providing superior, performance-enhancing qualities that ensure durability, flexibility and more cost-effective coatings


Professional Partnerships in the Industry

NANOKOTE maintains strong product development and collaborative relationships with various recognized nanotechnology businesses on the world stage. These, in part, provide a platform to the latest advancements in nanotechnology solutions so NANOKOTE can remain on the cusp of leading-edge breakthroughs.

We Improve Glass, Metal, Concrete and Other Surfaces

NANOKOTE has manufacturing facilities in Australia and USA with distribution partners in the EU, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand Vietnam plus regional distributors in markets including Canada. To learn more about our products and capabilities, call NANOKOTE today