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NANOKOTE is a specialist manufacturer of nanomaterial-based industrial coatings for a wide range of markets from construction and infrastructure to home, and industrial appliances and more. The array of specialized coatings protects and add value to concrete, metal, glass, sanitary ware and other surfaces.

From this range of innovative products, you can enhance the surfaces of a myriad of structures and components. Whether you are looking to protect a concrete bridge element to enable improved durability or an easy clean, low maintenance water repellent solution for large glass facades, there is a product technology available to transform and protect the properties of your assets.

The team at NANOKOTE develop complete start-to-end solutions and industrial coating services. We manufacture nanomaterials and develop nanocomposites and formulations to produce new products and then work with our customers in process integration. Expertise and technical proficiency allow business partners to be guided at every stage from the initial concept to commercial application.

NANOKOTE products undergo constant evaluation and testing to ensure optimal performance in tandem with product R&D incorporating latest advancements in nanomaterial design as new demands, markets and product needs emerge. Call or submit an enquiry form today to learn more about NANOKOTE industrial coatings to meet your needs

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NANOKOTE specialises in enhancing surfaces to give our customers a competitive edge in their marketplace. These product enhancements provide for added benefits in the eyes of the end user but importantly also allow for businesses to expand into new markets and improve sales margins by offering improved performance and/or new product properties.

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Learn more about the range of industrial coating services. NANOKOTE are the global forefront in the development, production and distribution of nanotechnology solutions since 2005.

NANOKOTE provides a range of barrier coatings including:

  • Metal finishes for aluminum, steel, stainless steel, magnesium and titanium that exhibit anti-corrosion, anti-scratch and self-cleaning properties.
  • Concrete protection and aesthetics for bridges, tunnels, cooling towers, commercial buildings and general infrastructure with inherent anti-carbonation and anti-graffiti properties.
  • Thin films for ceramic sanitary ware for improved hygiene and ease of cleaning.
  • Functional coatings for porous and other surfaces providing critical protection against mold and fungus.
Elevator Cabin Stainless Steel

NANOKOTE develops and produces high performance, leading-edge industrial coating technologies built on rigorous QC quality control processes and QA quality assurance procedures. Refer to standards and accreditation’s in tandem with properties data and performance test results

Looking for technical specifications, case studies, reports, safety data sheets (SDS) and other reference? Browse the downloads page.

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High performance industrial coatings are the basis to optimal service life and minimal maintenance for buildings, other structures and components. Call NANOKOTE today to discuss your requirements for our industrial coating services.

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