Direct to Metal (DTM) Protective Coatings

Improved Metal Finishes for Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Galvanized Surfaces.  Anti-Fingerprint, Easy Clean and Anti-Corrosion Protection.

NANOKOTE have developed a stainless steel and aluminum protective coating that enables permanent functionality such as self-cleaning and exceptional corrosion protection. These properties benefit manufacturers and end users alike. Permanent anti-corrosion coatings provide extreme chemical and abrasion resistance to extend the life of metals in harsh environments.

Our anti-corrosion and metal protective coatings provide low cost alternatives to PVDF and anodizing while protecting aluminum and provide anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch properties. These features enhance surfaces such as stainless steel and aluminum, putting an end to unsightly scratches and fingerprints. Surfaces will be able to maintain their new appearance when coated with a NANOKOTE stainless steel and aluminum protective coating.

NANOKOTE also produces a range of base coats for light metals such as aluminum.  These base coats provide for excellent enhanced corrosion resistance when applying powder coatings.  Please ask NANOKOTE about these materials.

Metal Protective Coatings Offer Superior Industrial Surface Protection

NANOKOTE is state-of-the-art technology that in some cases can significantly enhance the lifespan and durability of metal objects and structures while providing a significant cost reduction in protection. A single coat of our stainless steel and aluminum protective coating, for instance, can modify the properties of a surface without significantly changing the look of the exterior due to its very low coating thickness (3 – 5 microns as a clear coat of 15 micron as a pigmented coating).

Metal Protective Coatings

The Advantages of Using our Metal Protective Coatings

  • Non-stick surface resulting in a self-cleaning surface
  • Permanent anti-corrosion properties
  • Surface coatings to provide extreme abrasion resistance
  • Extends the life of metals in harsh environments
  • Anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch metal finishing
  • Remains stable under high temperatures (more than 1292°F)
  • Very cost-effective
  • Low cost alternative to traditional protection processes

Our metal protective coatings include industry leading properties such as:

  • UV-Light stability
  • Temperature resistant (-cycles) and thermal shock resistance
  • Stable against environmental influences (hydrolysis, weathering etc.)
  • Free of hexavalent chromium and other heavy metals
  • Produced in an environmentally friendly production process
  • Very low material consumption
  • Low cost
  • Improved coating properties
  • Greater than 100° contact angle with water
  • High chemical bonding energy with light metals and stainless steel
  • Single component coating materials
  • Wolf-Wilborn scratch hardness 8H (this is an effective anti-scratch coating)

Independent tests that have been conducted with NANOKOTE include the following:

  • Acidic Humidity (30 Cycles, 0.2 SO2)
  • Constant Humidity (1,000 h)
  • Salt-Spray (>3,000 h)
  • Boiling test (2 h dest. Water)
  • UV-Resistance (QUV 300 h)
  • Heat transfer
Metal Protective Coatings

NANOKOTE metal finishing passes all tests listed above. Our metal protective coatings show no signs of damage blistering, cracking, flaking or softening.

NANOKOTE’s anti-corrosion coatings provide permanent protection against tea staining, fingerprints and scratches, which are properties that are important when using light metals and stainless steel in production.

Traditionally anti-corrosion coatings use dangerous heavy metals and require three separate coats including a primer, an epoxy coating and then a top coat polyurethane. Overall this can amount to well more than 100 microns in coating thickness.

This process not only impacts the visual nature of the metal surface but it also becomes a costly exercise from a coating consumption and labor point of view. By comparison, NANOKOTE is a one coat process producing a coating thickness of only a few microns that does not require priming.

Optimize Metal Finishes with Stainless Steel and Aluminum Protective Coatings

We also offer functional coating, primoguard, easy clean coating and more. To learn in detail about our products and services, call NANOKOTE today.